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Phone: 604-469-9106
Location: 300 Ioco Road, Port Moody, BC, V3H 2V7

The Noons Creek hatchery is located over the footbridge to the very right of the Port Moody Recreation Centre on Ioco Road.

How Do We Get to Noons Creek Hatchery?

Everyone is encouraged to carpool, use public transit or cycle to our events as parking can be very limited if there are other activities going on at the Port Moody Recreation Centre. We are located over the footbridge that leads into the park to the very right of the ice rinks.

For additional information, phone the hatchery anytime time from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 – 11:00am.

You can also complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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Environmental Emergencies

In the event of an environment emergency contact the City of Port Moody’s Environmental Services Department at 604.469.4570 during regular working hours. Outside of regular office hours, call 604.461.3456

Record as much information as you can – location, date, time, colour, smell, appearance, possible source, and take photos, if possible.

Environmental Emergencies Contacts

Fish kills or destruction of fish habitat – Fisheries and Oceans Canada 24-hour hotline – 1.800.465.433

Vancouver – 604.666.3500

Ministry of the Environment hotline – 1.800.663.9453

Hazardous spills – Environment Canada 24-hour line (includes chemical or oil spills, discharges to storm drain and dumping in water courses) – 604.666.6100 or 1.800.663.3456

Fisheries and Oceans Canada 24-hour hotline – 1.800.465.4336

Hazardous spills in the Port of Vancouver including Port Moody Arm Coast Guard Marine Pollution Incident Alert (includes chemical or oil spills, discharges to storm drain and dumping in water courses) – 24 hours – 604.666.6011

Extreme erosion, sedimentation or flooding – Ministry of the Environment – 1.800.663.3456

Dirty or turbid water, minor erosion or sedimentation – Environmental Services Department – 604.469.4570

For more information contact Port Moody’s Environmental Services at 604.469.4676

Port Moody Environmental Emergency – 604.469.4676

Port Moody After Hours Environmental or Operations Emergency – 604.461.3456