Water Quality Testing

Water quality testing is a key element of our hatchery operations and we invite you to join our lab each Saturday morning from 09:00 am to 11:00 am as we sample creeks within the Port Moody Arm of the Burrard Inlet to analyze in our lab.

The main creeks in the Port Moody Arm of the Burrard Inlet that we test are:

  • Schoolhouse North Creek
  • Mossom Creek
  • Noons Creek
  • Suterbrook Creek
  • Slaughterhouse Creek (also known as Dallas Creek)
  • Schoolhouse South Creek

What is water quality testing?

We test for the following:

  • Turbidity
  • Temperature
  • PH
  • Oxygen concentration
  • Phosphate contamination
  • Nitrate contamination
  • Ammonia contamination
  • In summer, a coliform count is performed as well

How does water quality testing help?

It is important that we monitor these contaminants to ensure they are within suitable ranges for riparian habitats. Should the figures ever reach above average, we report it to the proper government authorities including the City of Port Moody. This monitoring protects the Port Moody Salmon and is an important part of our giving back to the community.

Water Quality Testing Data

Coming Soon! If you are interested in the water quality statistics, we will be uploading our results here: click here for the data sheet.

The Port Moody Ecological Society is proud to have been maintaining these important tests and records for over 20 years. This information is invaluable for interpretation and understanding of our local waters and is used by local authorities. We are currently looking at digitizing much of this data. This is a manual process that will add immense value once we are able to share the digital statistics. If you would like to assist in this effort, please give us a call at 604-469-9106 or email us on portmoodyecologicalsociety@hotmail.com.